Department of Applied English was established in August 2003, with an aim to cultivate English talents in the field of English pedagogy, travel literature, international business, and creating writing.

The Department upholds the principle of Education for All, irrespective of social background or origins, and therefore seeks to "enhance the English proficiency of students" and "to cultivate English talents" as the two major teaching objectives.

With a well-planned curriculum, well-equipped classrooms and language laboratories, as well as qualified teaching staff, we are able to ensure that students at St John’s University have the best chance of following their interests and aptitudes and taking appropriate courses to ensure their future employment and success. The objectives of the Department are as follows:

First -- to enhance the English proficiency of students:

For English listening, speaking, reading, writing and other basic core competencies, the Department provides students with extensive and comprehensive teaching in English communication, expression and in the application of their skills.

Constantly motivating passion for active learning helps students improve their English language skills. In addition to the solid and basic classes, the core of the English Department curricula contains online English, multimedia, English proficiency courses, as well as other materials in accordance with the current trends and needs.

Cultural Resource Classroom is facilitated to provide teaching and learning in an English environment, giving students an authentic English learning experience and preparing them therefore for the ongoing latest challenges in face of native speakers.

Second -- the training of professionals in the English language field:

In response to globalization, Department of Applied English designs tourism and information technology classes to meet the diversified needs of reality head-on. As tourism implicates knowledge of geography, history, social customs, financial situation, myth, etc. some primary preparations have to be made with the help of information technology. These newly designed courses will go hand in hand to give students the maximum opportunities to be professionals in English.

The Department both expects graduates to have achieved the desired level of English skill and to be able to use these English skills in a professional capacity and to become professionals in the following areas:

  • English teaching: To become devoted teachers who are patient and knowledgeable in the field English pedagogy.
  • Business services: To be armed with knowledge of international trade, business negotiation, secretarial skills, and business personnel, and be able to put them into practice.
  • Cultural Tourism: To have a global perspective, to be proficient in English, to be familiar with local culture, customs, history and geography, and be able to enter the tourism field and be cultural tour guides.